New Technology Cut MCG Food & Beverage Waiting Times

Fans sick of waiting for food and beverages at the MCG could be set for a few relief with new technologies by IT consultants in Melbourne aimed at cutting wait times to be trialled in the home of Australian sport. Within an Australian-first, the Melbourne Cricket Club will utilize monitoring technology to ascertain how long audiences will wait in line and display the time on dedicated screens.

Installation of this WaitTime technology has started with MCC chiefs through agile test management hoping to have it working in time for the AFL finals. MCC chief executive Stuart Fox expected the technology, already used at several US stadiums, would improve the fan experience by speeding up service.

This system won’t only help to inform MCG patrons about the anticipated wait time but also reveal and guide them to other nearby outlets which they might not have previously considered. The machine will use sensors and advanced algorithms and testing managed services to monitor queues and wait times at food outlets and pubs at the stadium.

It will allow fans to create an educated decision about which pub or food queue to join in the hope of return to their chair whenever possible. The MCG will initially examine the technology on the floor and basement levels in public areas of the Great Southern and Olympic Stands.

The purchase price of a beer and pie in the MCG will cost you an extra 30 cents this footy season as slight price increases are rolled out in Australia’s greatest floor. However, AFL fans will still score some of the cheapest prices in Australian game with the price of most food and beverages at the MCG to remain cheaper than they were 10 years back.

New figures obtained from the Herald Sun reveal a Four ‘N Twenty pie and 460g hot chips will this year cost $4.20, up from $4.10. A 425ml Carlton mid strength beer price $7.80 through the summer of cricket but increases to $8 to the AFL season with a 285ml serve rising from $5.40 to $5.60.

The price of a jar of water will rise 10 cents to $3.20, a 600ml tender beverage is up 20 cents to $4.40 plus a hot dog will set you back $4.30, up from $4.20. MCC chief executive Stephen Gough said it was spending $15 million on IT support solutions and private cloud computing making certain food and beverages were cheaper after winding the clock back on costs in 2015.

The MCC is dedicated to keeping family friendly prices throughout the food and drink offering at the MCG. Despite minor increases in costs for items in 2017 we’re confident that we’ll continue to lead the marketplace in regards to beverage and food affordability this AFL season.

The purchase price of a pie and chips was $4 each in 2007, a hot dog was 5 and sushi stung you with $8.50. Pies and chips were the most frequent food items sold in the MCG last year with famished footy fans devouring 850,000 in total.

But arena staff also observed a move to healthy food among lovers. This year, the expense of a chicken schnitzel hamburger will grow 20 cents to $8. Healthy choices will also increase with the expense of sushi up 10 cents and salad 50 cents more expensive.

“External factors” such as provider prices have been blamed for the small price hikes. The new prices will apply for all MCG events such as AFL, Cricket and football matches, beginning with Carlton’s season opener against Richmond on March 23.

July Sale Guide for Sydney Shoppers

The winter chill has set in this week, which makes it the ideal time to bring some warmer staples to your wardrobe. It’s the end of the school holidays and end of year, so there is a good deal of warehouse sales going around, which you can organise same day home delivery for. Plus if you think monogramming is gone in the world of fashion, think again. Sydney brand Alt.Armour is just another go-to for many things bespoke.


Sales Guide


If you do not mind a sale with a mystery location, then the Designer Forum warehouse sale is one to keep on your radar this weekend. The sale will include of 80 percent off women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, the display furniture is set to be stocked with the likes of Camilla, Zimmermann, Bec & Bridge and Bassike. The sale location is kept top secret until Thursday, so keep your eye on the brands’ socials for updates.


Australian Brand Maurie & Eve are bringing their warehouse sale to Sydney for a few days with up to 70 percent off fall and winter ’17 inventory, along with chosen samples. Combining femininity with practicality, expect to see their signature silhouettes, structures and colours.


Synonymous with the Australian fashion trends for decades, Leona Edmiston is holding their yearly two-day warehouse sale with a minimum of 60 percent off all stock. Find Leona’s classic female prints in the type of vintage finds, samples, dresses from $30, children wear from $20, $40 handbags and jewellery and women’s shoes priced at $50.


Mark your diaries, next week Paddington will once more play host to the cult developer clearance event, Big Fashion Sale. There’ll be approximately 80 percent off on 20 local and worldwide luxury items, such as clothes, jewellery, men’s and women’s shoes and purses. Designers to watch out for include Lanvin, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Studio Elke, rag & bone and a lot more.


Online boutique Esther has 80 percent off on apparel essentials at the end of fiscal year sale. The sale includes winter clothing and accessories from Finders Keepers, Blessed Are the Meek, Jetset Diaries, Grace and Hart and more, along with home decor and gifts, Esther also provide a same day online delivery service on all full priced and purchase products.


Hansel & Gretel is holding a pop-up sale with preceding season samples and collections on offer. Known for masculine shapes with feminine sensibilities and neutral tones, this is the ideal chance to catch some clothing items which will take you in the office to date night.


New on the Shelves

From the Early 1900s, it is possible to envision the humble bra looked quite different, meanwhile the sports bra was still some 60 years from being invented. Berlei, that’s now synonymous with the sport bra in Australia, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a series of special edition styles designed by Sydney-based screen-printing artist Kate Banazi. The four designs feature colours and patterns that Banazi says evoke attributes of power and motion.


The London-born artist has collaborated with Dion Lee and Qantas but this mission introduced parameters unique to lingerie design. “It’s a really small space. You are utilising maybe 20 centimetres square,” she said. She enjoyed the challenge and the contrast of designing in more commercial boundaries and allowing her to do something totally different to her works that usually hang proudly in modular exhibition spaces.


On Trend


Grey is usually synonymous with the gloomy weather conditions of winter, but It’s going to brighten up — and get more chic — with fashion house Dior with it as one of the basic colours of the Paris Haute Couture collection. After the exploration of blue in the ready-to-wear autumn/winter collection, designer Maria Grazia Chiuri paid tribute to the colour’s association with lavish fashion through the 40s and 50s. Sheer gowns and tailoring brought to life the numerous shades of grey, creating a statement. Grey also set the tone for the Valentino and Zuhair Murad collections, providing luxurious materials such as velvet and tulle, embellishments, decorative textures and shapes a canvas to glow.


Grey is a Sensible colour to invest in for the seasons to come, perfect for both formal and casual looks.


Alt.Armour Monogram


At the Same fashion as millennial pink is shaping up to be the colour of 2017 (sorry green, you didn’t stand a chance, the monogramming trend doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. Sure it seems like everything under the sun, from our pyjamas to women’s sneakers, now bears our initials, who does not need to invest in a small bespoke piece?


While the majority of the monogramming on offer thus far has been quite slippery, the creative’s behind the site and ecommerce store Eating up with the Hannashians and Joshua Joynes of Cosmopolitan magazine have banded together to present a brand new offering in the Australian industry. Observing the current “hardware trend”, Alt. Armour provide industrial-inspired pebbled leather cross body bags, a thick string and elastic soft leather strap, with bespoke heavy-metal lettering bolted on the front. They’re chic and practical enough to become your go-to accessory for work and brunch. The bag will suit your ankle boots, iPhone, wallet and essentials and contains slots for cards.


The brand is now offering silver letter luggage from $149.00-$209.00. . The #altarmy plan to start more “unique and edgy” accessories will soon arrive in gold.

The Influence Melbourne’s Surrounds has on Its Food Scene

Right here, within the southern hemisphere, the times have just got much cooler. Once we push through Victoria, Australia’s most compact state, up the hills named the Victorian Alps (they’re located in the area of the Great Dividing Range), we’re surrounded by an autumnal country: maple and chestnut leaves have made orange and red, orchards and vineyards are decked in glorious shades, every street is just a picture postcard. It’s harvest time, a celebration of life.

A good three-hour drive from Melbourne, Beechworth is just a small historic city, right in the center of High-Country, as this mountainous countryside is named. Having a population of only around 3,000, its calm even on times when visitor traffic is busy. However, make your way through the town to Provenance, Beechworth’s well respected restaurant, and you’re sure to be surprised.

On the Friday night, the restaurant is chock a block with customers seated to get a degustation menu celebrating local produce from regional Victoria, including from areas such as the Yarra Valley. Meals come accented with Western details, offered in small, German-style parts, artfully plated.

Provenance is just a two-cap restaurant (the same of the two Michelin star). Chef Michael Ryan isn’t only a local superstar but a well-respected figure in the Melbourne food scene.

A chef of his quality that decides to operate a high-stop institution in the center of an agricultural-area really underscores the significance of produce and elements to any significant premium delicacy in the world. The use of local produce doesn’t only occur at Provenance; a lot of restaurants and fresh food cafes rely on local produce.

Among Australia’s many “European”, complex and wonderful cities, Melbourne has been “discovered” by international foodies. In April, the city got reasonable interest when it received a World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Melbourne’s coffee and all day breakfast bar culture, pop ups, key lane way bars and restaurants had already charmed many. Today, famous chefs like Heston Blumenthal and David Thompson are championing the town.

However, this fame of being a fashionable eating place has come not only due to foodie celebrity interest but due to adjoining small cities like Beechworth, charming towns with orchards, facilities, vineyards, milk and artisanal food companies, which supply the glitzy town have given the region a solid food culture.


In King Valley, another section of High-Country, a Prosecco path leads to a few small vineyards specialising in sparkling wine produced from the Italian grape varietal and is made in the same way as it is in Italy.

Then, there’s butter and cheese that is not unlike what you will find in Italy. King Valley milk is among a small list of milks on the planet which makes cultured butter. Rather than rolling the dairy — that will be how many companies create butter — a starter culture of yeast and bacteria is launched into the milk to ferment it, improving the style. This butter is greatly used in some of the greatest patisseries in Australia.

The artisanal food movement in these little cities is driven not only from the Millennials in the town and visitors but additionally by an older large amount of discerning diners who made their profit in the post-World War years, left their homes and moved into comfortable retirement in the US.

This clientele are forcing hipster developments centred on wellness to nearby bars and merchants. You’ll find turmeric lattes, fermented products like kombucha as well as mead — the earliest known liquor produced from honey — that has been experiencing a renaissance since The Overall Game of Thrones use it stylish choices worldwide. Winemakers are actually collaborating with bee companies to create it in various designs with different degrees of alcohol and sweetness.


Artisanal Wineries

Think Australian wine and you think about large, fruit-forward jammy wines mass produced with a number of big companies. The largest of those could be Jacob’s Creek (released to 60 countries) and Penfolds Grange.

But there’s more to it. Also in Victoria, it’s not only wines in the Yarra Valley or even the Mornington Peninsula which are worth a drink. This past year, Janis Robinson, high priestess of wine, published about a few of the finest chardonnays being made by shop farmers in High-Country. Giaconda in Beechworth boasts a great reputation among wine lovers. Brown Brothers will be the biggest and oldest vineyard in the area, known because of its premium reds. A few of the other boutique vineyards, 15-20 yrs old, are worth looking at due to having an amazing quantity of grape varieties, most of them lesser known Italian people.

Within the center of the Alpine scenery, boutique wineries like Chrismont within the King Area and Feathertop near Bright, a popular for “destination weddings”, provided its beautiful environment, are testing not only using the conventional pinots, cabernets and shiraz but also standard Italian grapes such as the Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Dolcetto, Arneis and Barbera with interesting results. Sometimes, you discover just one vineyard showcasing 20-25 varietals simply because the winemaker is able to take risks, enjoy his enthusiasm and see “what happens”.

It’s essential to keep away all preconceived ideas whenever you drink these new wines. Similarly, when you get back to Melbourne, to its busy bars and restaurants, an open heart and an open mind are far more important than bold checklists.

Things to Eat and Where

Attica, Brae (both within the World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing) and Vue de Monde (which remains Melbourne’s coolest restaurant) would be the only three tips that I get repeatedly from people wanting to show their foodie qualifications. These places only hit the surface of the great restaurants that are worth experiencing.

Like in London and other towns, aged working class neighbourhoods are reinventing themselves as hip cultural areas. Collingwood, an up-and-coming hipster heaven, was once a leather center. Smith Street, which once belonged to cobblers, has a stylish restaurant named Saint Crispin after the patron saint of cobblers. Regional produce is skilfully prepared with Western and other international impacts

Finally, the Melbourne lane ways. These areas have really stylish cocktail bars that stimulate the sensation of key areas in dark alleys. They’re difficult to find, hidden behind empty walls or nondescript companies, however they are area of the city’s appeal that captures your heart.


All About Italian Meals

WHEN one goes to a vacation in Italy for two months, devouring of Italian food becomes a passion in the end. For Spain is a land of nutritious and delicious food. And that my friend is not an understatement. For Italian food is one of the most nutritious in the world. The world famous Italian pasta, lasagna, and tiramisu have a few things in common – they are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. All these make for longevity in life. And in deep frying or sautéing or marinating their food, Italians use olive oil. Because olive oil is made of mono-saturated fat, it has the lowest cholesterol level and therefore considered as the healthiest cooking oil in the world.

Do not be misconstrued with the fact that pizza is the most popular Italian food in foreign places – they are not necessarily the ones the Italians consume the most. In fact, Italians consume mostly vegetable and fruit-based foods. They have lots of this agricultural produce in the country. In fact, Italy is the number one exporter of various agricultural products such as rice, tomatoes, and wine. That doesn’t count the fact that Italy also exports olive oil on top of what was mentioned earlier. Other Italian exports include oranges and lemons. The Italians likewise export dairy products such as parmesan, mozzarella, and gorgonzola.

Now let’s talk about Italian breakfast. A typical Italian breakfast consists of chips and milk. A typical person may not approve such kind of breakfast and may consider it as bereft of energy. But a hearty breakfast is only ideal for people in the olden times that have to toil the farms every day. Thus, they need the energy after lunch. But nowadays, people are usually trooping to the office right after breakfast and sit there all day long, encoding reports in the computer and taking calls. Energy gets stuck in the waist. With this premise, we can only presume that Italian breakfast is the healthiest in the world. And that’s another factor why Italians have one of the highest life expectancies here in the planet. But Italians do take their mid-morning snacks which may be a toast of pizza coupled with orange juice. Lunch is the one which is hearty. A typical Italian lunch consists of pasta with tomato sauce, vegetable salad and baking fish side by side with potatoes in the oven. Now that’s something hearty and healthy at the same time for the fish they bake is plucked out of the Mediterranean as fresh as possible. Another alternative could be pasta with beans. For afternoon snacks, Italians take in yogurt or fresh fruit.

Next, let’s talk about Italian meat. It is no easy task to marinate Italian meat. For Italian meat is marinated in three days at most with red wine. Pancetta, the Italian version of bacon, is likewise stuffed with peppercorn aside from being marinated with red wine. Now that is real Italian food – not the spaghetti with red sauce that you see on so-called Italian restaurants overseas. Forget them. The food they serve is hyped and oversaturated.