A Weekend Getaway Without Kids

Being a parent brings immense joy to the lives of those involved. But we must admit that parenthood can at times be overwhelming. Running the day to day operations of the house and taking care of children can drain you physically and psychologically. If proper care is not taken the resulting burnout can manifest into serious health issues and can also affect the marriage. To avoid this, parents can take a few days break and spend some quality time away from kids and regular family duties. This will give the body time to recover and reboot from the normal day anxieties associated with being a parent. 

Everybody can enjoy a relaxing time after a busy day. The weekends are designed for comfort and pleasure, and even more so when spent on a weekend getaway. You can fill the weekend with little treasured moments and indulgences such as relaxing in your silk pajamas all day long. Alternatively, you may want to organise a weekend away with some friends. Planning the weekend way can often be a challenging task and takes much effort. In case you are planning a weekend getaway, here are some of the things you can do to have a good time with your partner. 

The best way to make your weekend away a success is to be organized. Firstly choose a location you are all happy with, and from there chose the activities. Here are some things you should think about when planning a weekend getaway:

  • If going away as a group make sure the date is acceptable to everybody you plan to invite.
  • If you intend to plan a celebration elsewhere, assess the availability and take note of this location for the day.
  • If you intend to rent a house, make sure it’s suitable for each accommodation. Check the lease and be certain that you can pay for it.
  • It’s much better to make purchases before. If you plan to cook, make the necessary purchases.
Planning a Weekend Getaway (Parents Edition)

Outings are also one possible option. If you plan to organize an outing, here are some suggestions:

Go To The Woods

Spending some time in the woods can also be a good way of spending a weekend with your partner. Camping can provide good romantic moments that will make you forget all your worries as a parent. You can spend long hours staring at the starlit sky as you take a trip down the memory lane with your partner. This can also be a good time to think about the moments when it was just the two of you. Through this, you will be able to connect with your partner afresh and by the end of the weekend, the relationship will be in a better place than it was. To get the best camping experience, always ensure that you have all the camping gear that you may need.

One other thing that you can do in the woods in Victoria is zip lining. An adventure park offers you the opportunity to zipline from a treetop to another with your loved one.

Hang Out As A Couple

Parents go through similar problems especially when it comes to dealing with kids. The weekend can be a good time to link up with the other parents. This will give both parents an avenue to share some of their experiences which may end with them exchanging parenting tips. By sharing their troubles the parents will come to understand that they are not alone in this. Couple weekends will also provide both parents with the chance for personal growth.

Go Hiking

Having a good outdoor experience is exactly what you need as a parent after being cooked up in the house or in the office the whole week. Going for a hike can be a good way to let off some steam and exercise the body. Having a nature walk has been proven to have therapeutic effects on the human mind. This can be an opportunity to refresh your mind and get rid of all the anxieties that may have affected you throughout the week.

Breakfast in Bed

This can particularly be helpful when you are not planning on leaving town. You can decide to book a hotel for the weekend. Having breakfast in bed and spending the entire day in bed has always been a good way to spend some alone time together. This will provide a good opportunity to spend some quality time with one another and rekindle the spark. We love the idea of getting personalized pajamas made that you can wear all weekend and keep as a special memento of your weekend away. With the kids away you can be yourselves without worrying about anybody keeping their eyes on you.

Go To Adventure Parks

If you want to get an adrenaline rush with your partner you can go for bungee jumping. Activities such as this have been proven to enhance aspects such as trust among couples. It can also be a good way of getting the feeling of freedom as you dive through the air. There are several companies that offer bungee jumping services from which you can choose from. Alternatively, you can also go to this adventure park in Victoria. The opportunity to zip line amongst the trees and supporting a locally made, the sustainable business could be just the thing that you need for a weekend away. You can book a weekend appointment during the week as you plan for your getaway.

Below is a video of how a couple planned their date without kids. You might just learn a thing or two from the vlog.

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