A Guide To Teaching Your Kids How to Cook

We readily get our children involved in so many recreational activities; from buying them their first basketball jerseys for little-league basketball to getting them out and about with fun games like mini golf and bowling. But, as a parent who loves cooking I see so many others who avoid teaching their children to appreciate cooking as they believe kids and the kitchen only leads to disaster. It’s vital your kids know how to provide for themselves nutritious meals, so here is a comprehensive guide for cooking with children of all ages, I hope you enjoy!

Cooking with children by age

Cooking is a joy for kids of all ages. Start them and with any luck they will create a lifelong love of the kitchen in addition to skills they could use during adulthood.

Kids will change in their capability to tackle different cooking activities. Use your own decision to select tasks you believe are appropriate for your kid. Just like a science of physics tutor in a laboratory, their personal safety is the biggest concern so make sure they are never in danger and ensure you have the right safety equipment. Past that, a small trial and error is all part of the fun.

Here I have compiled a list of proposed actions for Under 3s, 3 – 5 year olds, 5 – 7 years olds, 8 – 11 year olds and kids 12 and over.

Cooking together with the under 3s

Beneath 3 your small one may not Have the ability to dress himself or proceed to the bathroom on her own however from about 18 weeks, your child will most likely wish to begin ‘helping you outside’ from the kitchen. Benefit from the attention to provide a rest. If they are amused from the kitchen you may get on with the work of cooking and you will both be pleased.

Make sure all risks are away from grabbing hands – pan handles, hot fluids and food, sharp or heavy utensils and cleansing solutions. Consider what they are able to reach or excursion over to and make certain that there is almost always a very clear route if you are carrying anything hot, heavy or sharp. It is possible to place them up on the kitchen table so that you know they are at a safe distance.

When you’ve eliminated the risks, this is the chance to instruct your child about meals and familiarise them with all the equipment found in the kitchen atmosphere.

Here are a Few of the actions very young kids will enjoy:

Washing vegetables – this Is a good way of educating them with the names of veggies and sparking an interest that will hopefully inspire them to try unique foods

Stirring together ingredients – they ought to be at room temperature

Mashing using a fork or potato masher – again watch out for temperature

Sprinkling – bread, pasta decorations and icing sugar, place a Tray underneath to prevent too much mess

Spooning ingredients in to scales – you will have to help!

Another way to keep young children busy would be to give them Plastic utensils and containers to wash at the sink – that may offer extended entertainment as you cook.

Cooking with 3-5 year Old’s

In addition to the skills listed for under 3s, 3 – 5 year Old’s using their enhanced common sense, ability to follow directions and dexterity can tackle a broad variety of skills. It will be dependent on your understanding of your child, as abilities can still vary substantially in this age group. Many kids truly don’t wish to hear exactly what mummy or daddy state so consider safety first and do not attempt to tackle whatever you already have doubts about.

Activities to test using 3 – 5 year olds

Weighing – Placing or spooning components onto scales. Utilizing measuring spoons

Washing fruit and veggies

Cutting soft components – Eg butter, berries, mushrooms employing a solid plastic knife

Breading and flouring – you can set up three stations with flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs for bass palms

Mixing – Using either hands or spoon to combine together ingredients

Tearing and squashing – ripping lettuce and herbs or squashing fruit

Sieving – It is Ideal to balance the sieve over a bowl and tap It instead of shaking it about!

Grinding with a pestle and mortar – A mild wooden one is much better than a hefty one

Kneading – Mild kneading can be entertaining but you will need to measure in to finish the job

Rolling, forming and cutting dough – Pick plastic cutters plus a little rolling pin

Spreading- Buttering bread and spreading icing

Podding, choosing and hulling – Podding wide beans, choosing leaves berries or berries from the vine and hulling strawberries

Here are some recipes to try with your own 3 – 5 year old’s:

Squished tomato pasta sauce

Baked dippy eggs

Sausage & courgette kebabs

Chunky fish fingers

Easy strawberry ice cream

Cooking with 5-7 year Old’s

Together with the skills proposed for 3-5 year old’s, you can now introduce your kid to trickier methods and gear, you could also enrol your child in junior cooking classes. At this phase, you could consider buying your kid a knife intended for young cooks or employing a tiny adult one.

Together with the introduction of cutting tools such as scissors and knives, always think about the capacity of your kid and if you are not comfortable, then organise it for a later time. Additionally, there are other more complicated abilities they could appreciate. Should you believe they could handle then still always keep a watch on them since it is quite easy to slip even for adults.

Activities to test with 5 – 7 year olds

Cutting with a little knife – Kids should learn how to form their hands into a claw to maintain fingertips from risk

Cutting with scissors – In case you can get smaller scissors or Children’s scissors, utilize them to snip herbs

Grating – Palms can easily be grated thus keep watch and make certain they don’t get too near the bottom of whatever they are grating

Measuring – Even the very youngest children can do so but as kids learn how to read from an english tutor and perform basic maths, this is a fantastic chance for them to do so with less oversight

Rubbing in – massaging in butter and bread with fingertips is called for in most recipes

Beating and folding – Show kids how to fold cake mix using a wooden spoon or fold in egg whites without receding an excessive amount of air escaping

Greasing and liner a cake tin or tin

Peel oranges or hard-boiled eggs – Make certain eggs are not too hot, operate them under the cold tap first and be cautious of residual warmth

Setting the table – Inspire them to cherish the ritual of Family dining

Here are some recipes that you can test with your own 5 – 7 year oId:

Spaghetti & meatballs with concealed veg sauce

Sunshine hamburgers

Strawberry jellies

Sweet & tacky chicken noodles

Cheese roll-ups

Knife abilities video – see the way to educate your kids to form ‘a claw’ when trimming

Cooking with 8-11 year Olds

Along with all the abilities proposed for 3 – 5 and 5 – 7 year Old’s, when kids reach 8 + they might become obsessed with video games and craft websites, but if you can drag them away they could begin to become involved in preparation and tackle activities with a little more freedom. Supervision remains crucial on account of the amount of threats from the kitchen, however a sit off approach wherever possible is best.

Activities to test with 8 – 11 year olds

Planning the household meal

Observing a straightforward recipe

Locating ingredients in the cabinets and refrigerator

Using a peeler

Whisking, with a balloon whisk or handheld mixer

Utilizing heat with a hob, microwave and oven

Making salads

Open cans

Gradually introduce your kids to the preceding and also make sure they are alert to the dangers entailed. If you feel they’re not prepared, wait for a short time. Cuts and burns are common from the kitchen so always keep a watch on these. However capable they might be, it’s easy to become distracted or attempt to hurry an action.

Here are some recipes that you can try with your own 8 – 11 year oId:

Courgette muffins

Iced fairy cakes

Chicken & sweetcorn pies

Tomato tart

Very chocolatey cake

Cooking with 12+ year Olds and Learning Opportunities for Many

Together with the skills proposed for 5 – 7 and 7 – 11 year Olds, when kids reach 12+ they’re just beginning to hit puberty and while that adorable basketball jersey no longer fits and your little one is now dressing in fully fledged youth basketball uniforms; at this age they also can start to prepare more complicated recipes and even begin improvising. Just how much they could achieve is dependent upon how interested they are in cooking and just how much they have done before.

Much older kids should have some oversight to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Recipes for 12+ kids to attempt:

Spanish omelette

Tasty cottage pies

Slow-roast chicken with homemade sauce

Cheesy garlic bread

Melting chocolate puddings

Learning Chances

Food hygiene – Washing hands in the start and in between touching raw and ready-to-eat ingredients

Maths – counting, dividing parts, doubling recipes, adding and subtracting

Recognising learning opportunities to understand ingredients and their sources

Recognising kitchen gear and learning how to utilize it

Reading and following recipes so as to make the final Dish

Following directions – young children are especially Inclined to wish to include more, jump phases or flavor when they should not

Various tastes, textures and meals

Patience and Time

The science of cooking and everything that happens to things when you apply cold or heat

Dexterity, fine motor skills and coordination and carrying or pouring without spilling, opening packs and containers, weighing


When kids learn how to cook, they’ll do this by following the recipes closely with your aid. As they become older and more seasoned, let them experiment with amounts, although recall that many baking recipes have particular quantities which won’t function if changed. Give them opportunities to go online and look up food blogs on craft sites and provide resources for inspiration so their creativity can run wild when it comes to presentation of the final dish.

Kids will learn several things through cooking, however the best lesson that they can learn is to appreciate preparing delicious, wholesome, well-rounded meals; Bon Appetite!

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