Throwing a beauty party in your garden

While many of us like to throw parties or luxurious brunches, the idea of hosting a beauty party in your garden can seem a little overwhelming. But, with good planning, you will surely be able to pull off a great party that is stress-free – all within the realm of your own backyard. 

Beauty is such a popular topic right now. You only have to take a quick look on YouTube to find beauty related videos; everything from male breast reductions to DIY makeup tutorials. Everyone is obsessed with beauty. That’s why throwing a beauty party is an amazing way to connect with friends over a fun experience. 

First, you need invitations 

Here you’ve got a couple of options. Either you can put some of that calligraphy you learnt in your childhood to the test, or you can send out some group messages electronically. You don’t need to get too fancy, but you do need to include all the details (in whichever format you decide to go with). You need to include things like the date, time, place and whether it is a kids-free party and what your guests might need to bring.

Picking your theme

This is the fun bit. It is important to pick your theme and it is where you can unleash your creativity. Yes, it may be a beauty party, but is it going to be all pink theme? Or maybe you want a glitter party? Keep it simple with outdoor tables and chairs or perhaps just some picnic rugs on the ground where everyone can sit together. If you have hired a consultant (this could be anyone from a breast implant surgeon to a makeup artist – depending on the type of party) to bring out the cosmetics and give everyone samples and trials, ask the consultant for some ideas of colours and themes to work well for the beauty party.

Dressing up your table 

If you plan on using some paper plates then you can get creative with that. Choose some fun designs that incorporate elements from your beauty theme. When you are dressing up your table you could have napkins folded like beauty products or have your knives and forks sitting in beauty bags etc. This is a great opportunity to be creative. 

Now to your menu

Try and work a menu to go with the theme. If you are unsure of what goes with your theme, then you can always talk to some caterers and see what they can come up with. If you are going with the beauty theme, then it might be a good idea to add the theme to the serving plates, napkins and dinnerware. If you are just having cakes and biscuits etc. then pink and purple icing and glitter decorated cookies will work well for the beauty theme. Ensure you speak to guests before you decide on the menu – to check for allergies and preferences.

The music playlist

At first, people will be walking around and talking to each other and just doing the general mingle that happens at parties and get-togethers. After this starts to wear off you can add some music to the party and get the scene set. Get a playlist ready that will suit your type of party, and then you can simply let it play without needing to put new songs on once the previous song has ended. Have a few playlists set up and ready to go in case the party goes on for longer than you thought.

Don’t forget to include the greenery

If you are having a garden party ensure your lawn is freshly mowed, garden beds have been ridden of all the weeds and the garden is maintained and looking great. If you don’t have much of a garden you can just buy a few nice pot plants for a similar effect. You can hang some greenery garland in the garden for a special feature and some floral arrangements with either fresh or artificial flowers. 

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