Secrets of Hospitality Design

When hoteliers need to make their guests feel very special, they apply bespoke designs. The satisfaction of guests and travellers is important for every aspect of the hospitality business. According to hospitality design experts, smart hoteliers use design secrets that increase the level of sophistication of their services.
Usually, check-in guests are amazed by an assortment of décor elements in the hotel’s reception and lobbies. The appeal can increase with gorgeous decorative items. We shall analyse some hospitality design secrets from various luxury hotels.

Illusion Creates the Right Impression

Even a 2-star hotel can appear luxurious like 5-star hotels in Manhattan. One of the easiest ways of enhancing the perceptions of hotel guests is by using premium interior design ideas. When the ambience of a hotel or resort feels comfortable, it’s hard for guests to differentiate illusions from reality. So, architects and interior designers are essential when you need to apply these secrets.

Without their ingenuity, hoteliers will struggle to inspire their guests. Typically, guests expect to stay in warm, inviting suites when they make reservations for rooms online. With high expectations, they often see bigger interior spaces when they check-in at the hotel, therefore the room must appear spacious also.

Aesthetics in the Reception Area

Murals in the reception area should have basic information about the hotel. It convinces first-time guests of being in the right hotel. Also, the doorway that leads to the bar and restaurant should be wide enough to tempt guests for some mouth-watering refreshments. A stylish design of the hotel’s lobby includes chandeliers and large mirrors. 

Don’t keep furniture like chairs and tables in the lobby, so guests have enough accessibility. With motion sensors for light, you can keep the corridors of your hotel bright for guests to enjoy. To reduce noise in the lobby, install rugs and underlay foam under hardwood floors. While these materials dampen noise, they also create a friendly space around the reception area. Additionally, the hotel’s reception and lobby should be well-ventilated and smell pleasant. 

Install Security Gadgets

Avoid bed arrangements close to the entrance of the room. It creates a feeling of insecurity because of the bed’s proximity to the doorway. Instead, the bed can be a few meters from the window, and around the corner of the room.

Your guests want a home-away-from-home hotel room. Since security is important, fit all the doors with smart locks. The use of technology and security sensors reassures guests of their wellbeing. To prevent an outbreak of fire, install signage with exit routes and fire extinguishers in strategic positions. Also, smoke detectors and sprinklers are must-haves.

Create Spa-like Bathrooms

Invest in impressive bathroom accessories in luxury suites of your hotel. White bathroom wall tiles allow guests to appreciate the hygiene condition. With specific shades of colour, the walls can appear taller for a spacious bathroom. You can add some asymmetrical mirrors, bath stools, and wall cabinets in these bathrooms. Get other contemporary décor and design ideas from a good designer.

Choose the Right Colour Schemes and Light Fixtures

According to space design experts, colours have psychological effects. Apart from wall paintings, the ceiling’s colour and shades of light affect the mood of guests. Ask your designer for colour palettes that offer soothing reliefs to guests. What travellers need after a busy journey is the relaxation of the body and mind. Also, avoid colour schemes that cause depressive moods and physical ailments.
Pendant light fixtures and chandeliers in the lobby can attract your guests. Naturally, light fixtures draw attention and illuminate the space. Hang pendants in different parts of the ceiling, and with varying heights to leave a stylish impression.

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