How Your Cafe Fitout Can Impact Profit

Visual Marketing is a means of shaping and communicating brand image, as we slowly enter an era and society that focuses mainly on aesthetics. 

Studies have shown that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than textual content. If a restaurant or cafe brand wants to establish a connection with its consumers, it is through thorough visual marketing, inclusive of both layout and design style.

The goal is to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by visual marketing. Office fitout companies will assist you accordingly. To do this, you need to plan the layout of the restaurant, create visual pathways for customers that are welcoming and inviting. In addition, restaurant decoration should create a warm atmosphere, with consideration to the following elements of design;


Psychologists have said that color has a very important impact on our brain. The brain interprets colours and associates them naturally, with a mood or feeling. With McDonald’s as an example, turn focus to their logos, decorations, and uniforms. Red is the main colour, as well as yellow. It is scientifically proven that red stimulates our appetite and of course is a visual marketing strategy of this multinational chain that is doing extremely well. Interestingly enough, on the other hand, blue will slow down our metabolism. When you choose a color scheme for a restaurant, color is an important factor to consider.
You may have a great theme, image, and the right restaurant goals, but don’t forget to choose the right color for your business. After all, the importance of color and the psychological impact it will have on consumers’, could be the difference between succeeding and failing. From the colour of your walls, to the furniture selection or even menus. 


Many people don’t take notice of the tableware in restaurants. Although the appearance and good taste are important, customers won’t care that your chairs cost $900 each, or if you buy them at the equipment store for $15. As long as they are comfortable, safe, and strong, customers will appreciate them. Although you can decorate and design your restaurant as you wish, you should remember that the style of modern glass, steel and cool colors, rigid shapes, and strong lighting, etc, may work in your favor. 


Lighting is another important factor. In public places such as cafes, proper lighting can enhance furniture, hide imperfections, and improve the overall dining experience for customers. Also, lighting is the first thing that attracts customers when they pass by. Bright and charming lights can bring a warm and welcoming appearance to customers. Once inside your store, the interior lighting also continues to warm their minds and stomach.

The correct choice of lighting will not only impact the choice of the furniture but is also essential for creating an atmosphere, mood or ‘vibe’. Contrary to cold light, warm light will bring warmth to your space. Correctly positioned lights on each table can promote relaxed conversations between customers.


The background music becomes very important during a meal. Imagine enjoying great food and company, only to be listening to the same repetitive music over and over, or even sad music, what a terrible combination. It would be a mood-killer and would impact the overall experience of the customer. Music has a significant influence on restaurant guests. Many studies have shown that background music can not only make employees happier, but also improves the corporate image and stimulates the appetite of customers.

Rock music tends to increase our appetite and make us chew faster. Classic music tells the belly to crave calm and delicate food. In crowded pizzerias, rock music increases orders and helps empty tables faster. In high-end restaurants, soft symphonic music can inspire experience. 


A key element in your food and beverage marketing plan is to consider smell. The power of restaurant aroma is amazing . Our sense of smell is characterized by personal memory. The right scent recreates fond memories of past experiences and can stimulate anyone’s appetite. Our sense of smell is much stronger than many people realize. The average person has about five to six task olfactory receptors. 


Often, this is an aspect that many entrepreneurs completely forget about, however, the washroom is very important. Although it seems obvious, many restaurant owners spend thousands of dollars on high-quality products and promotions, but not a penny has been put towards its bathrooms. When a customer finds that the soap dispenser is empty or the paper towel dispenser is empty, it is not clean or not modern, customers will get put off, and this will impact their appetite. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure the bathroom is always left smelling pleasant, and it is important to ensure that all doors have proper locks.

Make Good Use Of Symbols To Create Visual Hammers

McDonald’s golden “M” and KFC’s “Grandpa Head” are both visual hammers. They are representative symbols that customers can associate with your brand.

Air Conditioning And Ventilation

Although this can be costly, it is something that every restaurant needs, and one of the most important to their overall experience. For a restaurant to attract customers, as well as maintain them, they must dine in a comfortable atmosphere. Nothing can turn customers away faster than a restaurant without air conditioning, especially in summer. Never forget that poor ventilation and air conditioning may cost you more on lost sales.

This is what “Visual Marketing”  and workplace design does; it uses space correctly to increase the value of products and services, thereby maximizing profitability. Remember, you want to enhance the customer’s experience, and so automatically, this will be reflected through increased profits.

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